Space Clearing

Space clearing is a process by which negative energies and entities are removed peacefully and safely from a space.   I do this with the help of Archangels, and with the use of sound healing tools, sacred symbols, sprays and more prayers to put a protection, upgrade and bless the space.   A shift in energy of the space will be felt when done.  

Some of the reasons for space clearing are:

  • You feel like there is a negative energy or entity in your space.
  • If there has been a lot of conflict, or intense emotions in a space.
  • You have just moved into a space and want to clear any energies from previous occupants.
  • You are going through or have just gone through a major life event, like career change or divorce.
  • If you would like to increase the peace, harmony, prosperity, and productivity of a space.

Price:  Minimum $65.00 plus driving time, more for larger space or house (please call for estimate).