Erin Toole,  BSc, MBA, Angel Card Reader, Real Food Advocate

Return To Happy

Do you feel that you are in a "funk", or "stuck" in life? Are you going through a difficult time or transition? Are you having a tough time dealing with "difficult" people in your life? We all go through "stuff". Life will never be perfect, there will always be ebbs and flows as life continues to throw us curve balls.

What's important is how we deal with them.

I will teach you a few simple strategies that will get your mind back into positive thinking and help to get you back on track and feeling good again. 

I truly was in a funk and starting to feel hopeless. Erin taught me a few simple techniques to help me be more present, connected, and peaceful in the moment. Now when things "happen" or seem to "go wrong", I feel less easily pulled into it, and remaining positive is more natural.