Royal Jelly 120 Capsules - 1000mg


Royal Jelly 120 Capsules - 1000mg


Royal jelly is a creamy white substance that is found in beehives that can have far-reaching positive effects on health when taken as a nutritional supplement.

Royal jelly is produced in the hive by young nurse worker bees specifically for the most important member of the bee colony - the queen bee - and is difficult or nearly impossible to recreate synthetically. These developing bees that are fed royal jelly develop into queens - those who are not develop into worker bees. The worker bees' average lifespan is around a year. Queen bees can live for four to five years.

Scientists believe that just like the queen bee, those people who supplemenet their diets with royal jelly nutritional supplements can live healthier, longer lives. While research studies on royal jelly are not definitive, many nutritionists believe that royal jelly is the key to optimal health and longevity.

What is in Royal Jelly?

It contains a wealth of "good stuff", including Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and niacin, biotin, inositol, folic acid, Vitamin C, aspartic acid , and essential amino acids.

Benefits of Royal Jelly

Enhanced energy, healthier hair and skin, a more youthful appearance, a stronger immune system, and reduced stress levels are just some of the many benefits of royal jelly. Royal jelly promotes health and energy and is also thought to have antioxidant properties that fight damage from free-radicals, which means that it has the potential to prevent everything from aging to cancer. So far, scientists believe that royal jelly is beneficial for the following:

Cancer fighting
Immune System

Canadian Premium Royal Jelly is processed without the use of harmful chemicals.

Suggested Use: 1~2 Softgel Capsules per day, preferably with or after a meal.

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Pure Royal Jelly: 1000mg   

Non-Medical Ingredients:
Softgel Capsule: Gelatin, Glycerine, Purified Water 

CAUTION: Royal Jelly ingestion may result in anaphylactic shock for those individuals suffering from allergies to plants that produce pollen. 

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size   0
Servings Per Container   120
Calories   0
Fat   0g
Cholesterol   0mg
Sodium   0mg
Potassium   0mg
Carbohydrates   0g
Protein   0g