KZ Clean Eating High Fibre Cracker - Tomato Onion 200g


KZ Clean Eating High Fibre Cracker - Tomato Onion 200g


KZ Clean Eating Crackers are a favourite healthy cracker in Sweden. They are large and round that can be eaten like toast or broken into smaller pieces and eaten for a snack.

They are sugar-free, high in protein and high in fibre. Made with clean, wholesome ingredients and full of flavour!

Gluten Free
Low Carb
Low Sodium

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Ingredients: water, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, tomato powder, flax seeds, coconut oil, onion powder, pumpkin seeds, psyllium husk powder, fibre from potato and salt.

Allergy Information: Contains sesame. May contains traces of hazelnuts, pecans, brazil nuts, dairy, eggs and almonds. 

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size   25g (1/8 package)
Calories   171
Fat   10g
  Saturated Fat   2g
Cholesterol   5mg
Sodium   135mg
Carbohydrates   7g
  Fibre   5g
  Sugars   0g
Protein   5g