Flavorall Liquid Stevia - Creamy Caramel 50ml


Flavorall Liquid Stevia - Creamy Caramel 50ml


Liquid Stevia is one of the most popular natural sugar substitutes.

Most stevia drop products use alcohol and have other additives. Flavorall is made with high-quality Stevia extract, uses only pure water and is available in the widest variety of flavours on the market: there are a total of 15 exciting flavours for all your sweetening needs. Catch up with the sweet concept that is rapidly becoming the favourite of people who want a sugar-free, guilt-free sweet taste. Each bottle has around 300 concentrated drops!
Flavorall can be used to sweeten cold drinks, as it combines with a chilled beverage far more uniformly than sugar, which can end up at the bottom of the glass instead of combined with the liquid. This liquid stevia is also an ingredient of choice for preparing fruit smoothies, which are often hard to sweeten as the flavour of the sweeteners does not easily get mixed evenly throughout the smoothie.
Flavorall is a healthy addition to plain water and gives it a flavour of your liking, making it an exciting and delicious drink. Add Flavorall to your baking, oatmeal, milk, tea or coffee and enjoy calorie-free and guilt-free sweetness!
The best part is, there is no bitter aftertaste! 
Sweeten them all, with Flavorall!
Zero Calories
Natural Flavor

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Ingredients:  Stevia Extract, Purified Water,  Vitamin C 

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size   4-6 drops
Servings Per Container   333
Calories   0
Fat   0g
Cholesterol   0mg
Sodium   0mg
Carbohydrates   0g
Protein   0g