Baked ParmCrisps - Parmesan 85g


Baked ParmCrisps - Parmesan 85g


These Handmade Gourmet Cheese Crackers are All Cheese, All Natural and All Delicious. They are free of wheat, gluten and sugar, rich in calcium and naturally low in carbohydrates. They contain no preservatives, no artificial colours, no cellulose, no egg products and no other bulk enhancers. These remarkable wafer crisps are able to stand on their own, be used as a chip for dipping or as a base for a canapé.

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Ingredients: aged parmesan cheese (part skim milk, cheese cultures, salt, non-animal rennet).

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size   3 Crackers (15g)
Servings Per Container   6
Calories   80
Fat   6g
  Saturated Fat   3.5g
  Trans Fat   0g
Cholesterol   15mg
Sodium   150mg
Carbohydrates   0g
  Fibre   0g
  Sugars   0g
Protein   7g